Embedded problems or how we left SQLite

RU / День 1 / 12:30 / Зал 2

The huge problem of embedded development is very limited resources of the device on which your code is executed. During the development process, when customer requests grow and the resources of embedded devices run out, very often standard and proven solutions are not suitable. Then a developer is faced with a choice: either to say that our device cannot cope with the required tasks or to make a non-standard step and win.

This talk will show the process of moving from using SQLite to the Prosoft-Systems data warehouse. This data warehouse allows read and writes data much faster. In this talk, Mikhail would like to show not only these problems but also the process of formation of the data warehouse architecture. Moreover, this data warehouse can be freely used without any restrictions because it is an open source project.

In this talk, Mikhail will try to tell you what problems he faced when developing software for industrial controllers ARIS and how the architecture of the data warehouse was born. This data warehouse allowed the team to not only replace SQLite but also improved the performance of devices. This solution will be useful for the developers who, perhaps, faced similar problems.

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